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AURONIK has been offering its services and products in the AKKA Group since 2014. As a partner for engineering and consulting in the mobility sector, AKKA supports its customers in meeting the growing challenges and implementing their large-scale projects - throughout the entire product development process. With more than 16,000 employees worldwide, the AKKA Group is one of the leading European development partners and plays a key role on the world market in systems engineering process and project management.

Our services

With our services in the areas of infotainment, online services, automotive apps, e-mobility and test house, we continue to accompany our customers as a reliable development partner and expand our portfolio with the comprehensive engineering and consulting services of the AKKA Group.

Our products

For the products ECommStack, EvaCharge SE and DC.chargeSTRESSOR we continue to offer full support.


ECommStack is a software system for the achievement of standard-compliant communication between the charging point and the electrical vehicle:

  • ISO 15118 compliant communication
  • DIN 70121 compliant communication
  • Support for "Value added Services (VAS)" and "external identification means (EIM)"
  • In the future: support for "Plug and Charge (PnC)"
  • Implementation independent of operating system
  • Support for CAN and serial interface
  • Client-specific interface adaptation
  • only available with EVAcharge SE

EVAcharge SE

The EVAcharge SE is the consequential advancement to the EVAcharge LE. It has the same functionality of the EVAcharge LE plus the additional processor that is able to execute the Auronik ECommStack communication software. Additionally to its much smaller dimensions it is completely industrial grade quality, ready for production use in chargers worldwide.

  • RS232/CAN interface for communication with customer software/ power electronics
  • Ethernet interface and extension header for future developments
  • Embedded DIN 70121 compliant software, the Auronik ECommStack
  • Power line communication (PLC) via control pilot (CP) and protective earth (PE) and integrated PWM injection circuit
  • applicable for AC and DC charging
  • available as EV and EVSE

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