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Building bridges using numbers and evaluations

In January 2017, Claudia Frisch successfully completed her apprenticeship in industrial business management at GIGATRONIK (now AKKA Digital). Her exceptional performance in the final examination has even been recognized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Stuttgart Region. Ms. Frisch is currently part of the (Project-) Controlling department at AKKA and will start her integrated academic course and work placement at the Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW) in October. In the following interview, she talks about her training period, her current tasks in Controlling, and what she particularly likes at AKKA.

"Controlling builds a bridge between all departments."

Claudia Frisch

Ms Frisch, you are surely proud to be among the best graduates of Stuttgart. How did AKKA influence your success?

Certainly with all the colleagues who accompanied me during the training. Everyone played their part in enabling me to learn a great deal and allowing me to see everything. This enabled me to put the knowledge I learned in the vocational school into practice. It was really a lot of fun!

In the course of your training, were there any projects that presented a particular challenge for you?

Above all, the time during the merger with the AKKA Group was particularly exciting and a great challenge. All at once, we had to get involved with completely new topics and to deliver certain figures and evaluations within a short time. It was a lot of work, but it was also an opportunity to learn a lot of new things.

You went through several different positions during your training, and now you are working in the Controlling area at AKKA. What are your tasks there?

I am mainly concerned with getting everyone the numbers they need. To do this, we mainly talk with department heads and project managers. They receive regular records from us or come to us if necessary. If employees have concerns or problems, we stand by them and try to work with them on a solution. We help them understand the evaluations and point out to them where there is still potential for improvement, for example. For projects, we look at costs and revenue, and analyse how a project was planned and how it was implemented in reality.

What are your goals in your work?

Controlling reveals at what points processes can be optimised and made more efficient. Of course, everyone always tries to do everything as correctly as possible in their work. However, in most cases we need the evaluations relatively quickly. But you still have to make sure you work thoroughly, because with so many numbers, things can also quickly go wrong. This is why close collaboration is important. Whenever possible, I also try to take the wishes and needs of the employees into account, so they can understand the evaluations at the end.

How do you view the importance of Controlling at AKKA?

Since Controlling has an overview of all projects and figures in the company, it constitutes the connection between the project managers and the other departments, such as Accounting or Commercial Processing. Our goal is to explain everything to the employees, so they can also understand the context. They should be able to understand the impact of their work on that of the other departments. Controlling thus creates a bridge between all departments.

What do you personally particularly like at AKKA?

I enjoy coming here every day, and that is mainly due to my colleagues. Everyone here is very nice, and if there’s something you don’t know, for example, you don’t have to be afraid to ask. Everyone here tries to help as much as possible. I also think it’s great that AKKA provides its employees with water and fruit.

And where do you see the strengths of AKKA for our customers?

The greatest strength of AKKA is that we work so closely with the customers. Customers can express their wishes directly to their contact at AKKA and don’t have to go around the houses. With this flexibility, we guarantee a fast implementation of their requirements.

Where do you go from here?

In October, I am starting the course in Industrial Business Administration with work experience. That will certainly build on what I have learned so far in the apprenticeship. For every three months study at the DHBW I will work for three months at AKKA. Of course, it’s my goal to get a good result at the end of my studies.

We wish you continued success!

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