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Wherever your strengths may lie, you can take the first steps in a great career with us. AKKA has many interesting options for you, if you are seeking to put your future career on a firm footing: an internship while you are still at school, a wide range of interesting vocational qualifications, and "dual degrees" for high-school graduates who want to combine practical training with academic studies.

You enjoyed science subjects at school a lot and now you want to develop your interests in this exciting and future-orientated direction? Fantastic. Whether you want an apprenticeship or a degree course, we are here to help and advise you. One decision will be correct in any case: AKKA as your first employer.

School internships

You have the opportunity to do your school internship as part of your career-preparation work at your secondary school.

It gives you a first-hand insight into what jobs exist and which qualifications would be required for them. You get many interesting behind-the-scenes looks at different jobs and can learn more about possible training opportunities with us. Discover what makes working at AKKA such a great experience and hear from our current trainees about why they chose to train at AKKA.

Vocational training

Do you want to start your career in a traditional apprenticeship? We will give you a thorough apprenticeship, in which you will soon be working as part of a team and taking on responsibility.

In our practically-orientated apprenticeships, you will soon feel part of the AKKA Group and encounter many attractive professional opportunities.

The comprehensive support and supervision our professionals will give you means that you will get the very best training, experience exciting challenges and face interesting tasks. Varied, modern and with a focus on getting top qualifications, an apprenticeship at AKKA means you will be taking a major step towards a successful, professional future.

Cooperative studies

Can't decide between training and studying? No problem, you don't have to. A dual degree at AKKA is the perfect combination of both – theoretical knowledge from your studies and real-life experience from periods of practical training.

Take this excellent opportunity to study while gaining professional experience - and unlike traditional university courses, you will be earning right from the start.

Current vacancies

All job offers can be found on the career page of the AKKA Group.

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