Bike to Go via App and Bluetooth Lock

For an innovative bike sharing system GIGATRONIK has developed the server software and an app, which can be used to find, hire and charge for rental bikes.

[Translate to Englisch:] Das rahmenfeste Bügelschloss lässt sich via Bluetooth Smart mit dem Smartphone öffnen.
[Translate to Englisch:] Mit der Radsharing-App Mieträder finden, mieten, entsperren und nach der Fahrt wieder abschließen

With a new bike sharing system, the people of Graz could be able to hire rental bikes at any time and all over the city from 2015. GIGATRONIK has developed the server software and an app for this, which can be used to find, hire and charge for rental bikes. The bike lock developed for this can be locked and unlocked via smartphone with Bluetooth Smart. This innovative hire system is a project of GIGATRONIK, SOREX and e-mobility Graz GmbH, which is funded by the Austrian Climate and Energy Fund. The aim was to fit it easily and cheaply to conventional bikes of all drive types and to try out maintenance-free fleet operation of rental bikes. The initial prototypes were presented recently at the "Urban Future Global Conference" in Graz and the pilot phase for system validation has now begun with a number of bikes in the city of Graz. The system could be in use as early as 2015. Fixed rental stations will then no longer be required. Michael Sinnl, Site Manager at GIGATRONIK in Graz, says: "In the city, you want to be mobile everywhere and at all times - and to do so as ecosensitively and economically as possible. With the bike sharing system via app and Bluetooth, it will be possible to achieve this in future."

The system was conceived between the project partners. It includes the bike lock, for which SOREX developed the mechanics and electronics, and the IT system from GIGATRONIK with two components: an app with which the available bikes are found on a map, unlocked and charged by rental period; and a server back end, which transmits the electronic key securely to the user. "The system is also attractive for other cities and for large companies. There are already a number of interested parties," says Robert Schmied, Managing Director of e-mobility Graz GmbH.

Florian Rubländer
Corporate Communications