Efficient trial phases with GIGATRONIK

Testing components and vehicles realistically at an early stage, saving time and money at the same time - this can be achieved with GIGATRONIK’s individual wiring harnesses. GIGATRONIK has a special place on the market insomuch that the wiring harnesses are developed and produced in-house. With this know-how the technology of tomorrow can be tested today, just like the first autonomously driving truck.

GIGATRONIK stattete den Mercedes-Benz Future Truck 2025 mit einem Leitungssatz aus, der dabei an die hochtechnische Ausstattung des autonom fahrenden Lkw angeschlossen wurde.
Entscheidend für hohe Effizienz bei der individuellen Entwicklung und Fertigung sind kurze Kommunikationswege in allen Entwicklungsphasen.
Prototypische Kabelbäume sowie Kleinserien entstehen bei GIGATRONIK in der hauseigenen Leitungssatzmanufaktur am Standort Stuttgart.

It was a world premier: “Highway Pilot steers Future Truck 2025”. The intelligent assistance system steers the Mercedes-Benz truck independently over the autobahn at up to 85 kph. The innovative research vehicle is the first autonomously driving truck - tested with GIGATRONIK’s special knowledge. A spectacular prototype but, nonetheless, the same applies with this as it does for other new developments too: it must be tested!

In test vehicles, seemingly suitable components are tested in the first phase, whereby in the second step of the pilot series, only components from serial production tools are installed. Many items are tested vitually. That is not possible with elementary components like new engines, transmission and brake systems. It would be far too late if they were first installed into pilot series confirmation vehicles. They have to be tested realistically at an early stage. This is realisable both efficiently and quickly with the special wiring harnesses that GIGATRONIK develops and produces in production quality.

Whether an entire vehicle or a single component - a suitable wiring harness is always a necessary pre-requisite for a realistic test. But the interface becomes a challenge at exactly this point. For the supplier responsible for conceptual development, the job is finished here. On the other hand, the work has not yet begun for the designated mass production supplier whose processes are aligned towards high production numbers. It is exactly this gap that GIGATRONIK fills well.

Testing under realistic demands

In order to, for example, put an engine to the test, an individual wiring harness is produced and installed in the test facility. The original engine compartment wiring harness is reproduced so that all functions are guaranteed. Additionally, the wiring harness must be matched exactly to the test setup in order to record all specific data for later evaluations. In the testing facility the wiring harnesses are subjected to realistic demands like temperature changes or typical automotive fluids. For this reason it is important that they are produced according to the production process and protected against this kind of exposure. If, due to the test results, changes are necessary, GIGATRONIK’s experts can implement these immediately as everything is developed and produced in our own company in Stuttgart.

If the testing should be done in a real vehicle instead of in a testing facility, this is done using a mule car. The basis is an existing vehicle that is equipped with the components that have to be tested. In motor sport, for example, these are production sports cars from which all unnecessary components are removed. In this way the air conditioning is removed, but the extinguishing function must be maintained. This requires a completely new wiring harness produced in production quality. This is rarely attractive for production suppliers whose production is aligned towards high production numbers. GIGATRONIK specialises in manufacturing single and individual wiring harnesses in production quality. Thanks to small batch production all changes are quickly updated and implemented.

GIGATRONIK has extensive experience in wiring harness development - in all model ranges. The subsequent flexibility is of benefit to the OEMs as the development of carriers is generally not completely covered by their development process. Circuit diagrams, wiring harness drawings and formboards are developed and documented in production tools like E3.Series or LDorado Design. This enables the manufacturer’s production-process-conformity approval of documentation. A further advantage of the Stuttgart based GIGATRONIK Group is the proximity to the most important development locations in the automotive world; to Audi AG in Neckarsulm, Daimler AG in Untertürkheim and Sindelfingen, HWA AG and Mercedes-Benz AMG in Affalterbach as well as Porsche in Weissach.

Short reaction time through short lines of communication

Close proximity is a principle that GIGATRONIK cultivates even in its own company. Wiring harnesses are made by hand at suppliers throughout the world. The development and production of wiring harnesses under one roof is unique. The GIGATRONIK process is distinguished by its short reaction time through short lines of communication. As manufacturing only takes place in Germany, there are no language issues; information flows unhindered - a decisive advantage in comparison to competitors. In this way real challenges are overcome, such as the wiring harness for the “Mercedes-Benz Future Truck 2025”. The wiring harness was not only connected to the multilayer technology, but in order to achieve safety in road traffic, a fastening bracket developed by us was also incorporated. It gives the measuring instrumentation and all components a sturdy hold. The implementation of 230 v alternating current was also playfully resolved with GIGATRONIK’s special knowledge.

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