Electromobility showcase in Baden-Württemberg

On 5 October in Stuttgart you can experience live what is already possible in the field of automated and intelligent parking and charging of E-vehicles. Together with Finance and Economy Minister Dr. Nils Schmid, the project partners of the InFlott showcase project and the AUTOPLES top cluster project consortium invite all interested parties to the showcase in the Hofdienergarage car park.

Das Projekt InFlott zeigt, dass Ladevorgänge von E-Fahrzeugflotten sinnvoll in das zukünftige Energieversorgungssystem mit hohem Anteil erneuerbarer Energiequellen integriert werden können. Bild: Michael Joos
GIGATRONIK hat im Rahmen des Projekts InFlott eine Telematik-Nachrüstlösung entwickelt, mit der die Zustandsdaten aus E-Fahrzeugen erfasst, übertragen, aufbereitet und dem Flotten-Dispo-System bereitgestellt werden.

How can e-vehicles be meaningfully used and contribute to energy transition despite still having a small range and low economy at present. The "InFlott - integrated fleet charging" project, a cooperation project sponsored by the German state in which GIGATRONIK is involved, revolves around this core issue.

12 charging stations are already available in Parkraumgesellschaft Baden-Württemberg (PBW)'s Hofdienergarage car park. Parking and charging should be as quick, uncomplicated and convenient as possible here. As part of the showcase on 5 October, the PBW and Swarco Traffic Systems GmbH project partners will demonstrate their parking guidance system, which was developed for this purpose, in the Hofdienergarage. The other members of the project consortium are EnBW, the Fraunhofer IAO, GIGATRONIK and the University of Stuttgart. Together they will be presenting the simulation results on how intelligent control of power consumption can be achieved by means of the "EcoGuru" fleet dispo system so that charging can take place when a lot of renewable power is available, for example. In this way, the charging of e-vehicle fleets is usefully integrated into the future power supply system with a high proportion of renewable energy sources.

As part of the fleet test, GIGATRONIK delivers data from the vehicles. EcoGuru uses this data - the vehicle’s current battery charge status, for example - for more precise planning and optimisation of the fleet management and the charging process. Connecting the vehicle to EcoGuru occurs via an innovative telematics retrofit solution developed by GIGATRONIK as part of the research project. The installation does not require any modifications to the vehicle's wiring harness. Furthermore, the method can be deployed for practically all modern vehicles, as GIGATRONIK can read reports contact-free from the controller area network of all vehicle manufacturers with this technology.

The live demonstration of the AUTOPLES system in the Hofdienergarage will show the automated driving and parking in car parks and the automatic recharging of electric cars: a "Smart electric drive" will drive the spindle, guided by cameras and sensors, without a driver up to the 6th floor of the car park, park by itself and have it refuelled with electricity by a loading robot.

So, make a note of 5 October 2015 and be there live at the premiere of the automated parking and charging!

Event Data

Organiser: e-mobil BW GmbH
Date: 5 October 2015, 15:00 - 16:30
Location: Hofdiener car park at 25B Schellingstraße, 70174 Stuttgart

Please register by email by 25.9 to the event with the subject "InFlott Gigatronik showcase", indicating how many people will come with you and how many parking spaces you need in the Hofdienergarage. We look forward to receiving your registration for the free event.

Information on the InFlott and AUTOPLES projects

The "InFlott – Integrated Fleet Charging“ project runs from 2013 until 2015 and is one of around 40 projects in the electromobility LivingLab BWe mobile shop window. With around 2.8 million euros, the project is being sponsored by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy as part of the German Federal Government's shop window initiative.

In April 2012 the Federal Government selected four regions in Germany as "electromobility shop windows" and is promoting here the research and development of alternative drive systems on the orders of the German Federal Parliament. In total the Federal Government is providing subsidies in the amount of 180 million euros for the shop window programme. Electromobility will be put to the test at the interface between energy system, vehicle and traffic system in the large-scale regional demonstration and pilot projects. Further information can be found at www.schaufenster-elektromobilitaet.org

The AUTOPLES-Project consortium in the Spitzencluster Elektromobilität Süd-West (South West Electromobility Leading-Edge Cluster) is supervised by the State Agency for Electromobility and Fuel-cell Technology Baden-Württemberg e-mobil BW GmbH, and promoted by the Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF). The project partners are Trans Energy Partners as project coordinator, CTC Cartech company, FZI computer science research centre, IPT Inductive Power Transfer and LAPP Systems. Further information can be found at www.emobil-sw.de.

Florian Rubländer
Corporate Communications