GIGATRONIK at the Bochum CAR Symposium

1,200 participants made for a record number of visitors at this year's CAR Symposium, held on the 11th of February at the University of Duisburg-Essen in Bochum. GIGATRONIK was a partner company at the convention, which this year focused on the Smart Car. GIGATRONIK tackled the topic with a technical presentation on securing driver assistance systems using big data methods. GIGATRONIK was also an exhibitor at the convention and the linked "CAR-Connects" career fair.

Ferdinand Dudenhöffer (Mitte), Veranstalter und Tagungsleiter des CAR-Symposium, Jens Binder und Achim Seibertz von GIGATRONIK mit einem E-Bike, dessen Antrieb mit der App "Mission Control" von GIGATRONIK gesteuert wird.

The 120 companies participating at the convention also included all the major car manufacturers, as represented by – among others – GM chief, Mary Barra and Daimler's CEO, Dr. Dieter Zetsche. These companies are investing not just in automotive technology, but also, sporadically, in mobility services and high-resolution maps – a sign that car manufacturers, their suppliers and development partners are aiming to claim the top spots in the race for the Smart Car.

The increasing networking of vehicles with services or systems outside the vehicle is currently a source for future innovations in the car industry and is creating new business models. Vehicle functions are accessing information from the cloud and, in conjunction with other systems, are offering new levels of functionality via data networks. In this respect, driver assistance systems and car-to-x systems applications are in the vanguard. Since these partly active systems are being developed with the need for high standards of safety, the security of such systems is a particular focus. At the CAR Symposium, GIGATRONIK addressed this topic with a technical presentation given by Jens Binder, the Head of IT and Embedded Solutions at GIGATRONIK Cologne, who presented a big data system as a solution for system security.

Large amounts of data must be processed, particularly when securing camera-based driver assistance systems. In this area, traditional systems are often very limited in terms of the reliability, assessment capacity and importing of data. GIGATRONIK is therefore working on solutions to these problem areas. The result is a prototype of a big data system that makes it possible to browse video content. In many places, intelligent working and the associated data flows demand the use of new methods: development partners such as GIGATRONIK have made inventing these new methods their particular mission.

Florian Rubländer
Corporate Communications