GIGATRONIK becomes part of AKKA Technologies

GIGATRONIK and AKKA Technologies are set to merge. The CEOs, Dr. Edwin Tscheschlok and Maurice Ricci, have signed a corresponding contract to this effect. By merging, the two companies are looking to strengthen their respective market positions and achieve additional growth through resulting synergies.

AKKA Technologies is Europe's leading engineering and technology consultancy in the mobility sector and employs around 14,000 talented employees in 20 countries. Within AKKA, GIGATRONIK will continue to operate as an independent company, whilst taking over the lead function for digitalisation. GIGATRONIK can exploit the capacities and expertise of the employees at the AKKA sites worldwide, allowing it to support customers through a local presence also outside the DACH region. The enhanced portfolio will enable GIGATRONIK to provide its customers with more comprehensive support and to tap into new fields of business.

Short interview with Dr. Edwin Tscheschlok, CEO of Gigatronik

Why are AKKA and GIGATRONIK merging?
Dr. Edwin Tscheschlok: The merger is a strategic step to ensure that we are prepared for the current and future requirements of our market environment. By merging with AKKA, we are acquiring a global network of experts, additional capacities and greater financial clout, thereby helping us to position ourselves even better within the market. We complement each other perfectly since there are only very few overlaps with the companies that currently belong to the AKKA Group. We have held talks with various companies and investors. We ultimately established that AKKA is the ideal partner for us.

What opportunities does AKKA's global network offer GIGATRONIK?
AKKA's international footprint enables us to support customers more closely on local level. We can exploit the capacities and expertise of our AKKA colleagues at the various sites worldwide and tap into new fields of business thanks to these synergies. What is more, we benefit from AKKA's existing nearshore and offshore capacities. As part of the digitalisation strategy, AKKA will further develop GIGATRONIK as a leading brand within the DACH region and is planning strategic investments in our core fields of competence and to supplement these.

What do your customers have to say about the merger?
The initial reactions of our major customers have been very positive. They have recognised that they will benefit from the higher trade skills, the international footprint, from additional highly specialised employees and the broader expertise from various industries.

… And the competition?
The merger will produce one of the most important and largest development service providers across Europe. The competitive situation is bound to change due to our size and our new positioning within the market.

Will you be remaining on board as a director?
Yes, the management structure at GIGATRONIK will remain the same. In addition, I will be joining AKKA's DACH Board along with fellow director Josef Freistetter.

Why do you feel certain that AKKA and GIGATRONIK are compatible?
The sale of a company, in this case our life's work, is something that requires a great deal of careful consideration. We have a responsibility towards our employees and their families as well as towards our customers and partners. AKKA and GIGATRONIK are well suited in terms of the strategic alignment within a dynamic market environment, without getting in each other's way. What is more, we also share similar corporate cultures, with AKKA also being managed by its founders and owners. Like us, they also attach particular importance to fostering an honest and open relationship and dealing fairly with each other. We have taken this decision in the firm belief that the merger with AKKA is what's best for all of us.

Florian Rubländer
Corporate Communications