GIGATRONIK is developing smart products for the internet of things

The internet of things is creating its own rules. For example, many communication processes run exclusively over the air interface and use wireless transmission procedures. The development and consulting partner, GIGATRONIK, uses SIGFOX wireless technology for the comparatively small amounts of data that sensors send.

Providers of innovative solutions for networking things regularly have the experience that their application and the available network technology are incompatible. The broadband mobile phone networks are designed to guide through large amounts of data as quickly as possible. However, many M2M applications, such as smoke detectors or burglar alarm systems, only send small data packets every so often and therefore only need a fraction of this capacity.

The mobile solutions specialists at GIGATRONIK solve this problem with special sensors which establish a connection in the ultra-narrow bandwidth of the network provider's server backend. The propagation characteristics in this range of the frequency spectrum and the high efficiency of the patented modulation scheme allow for significantly greater ranges than in the current GSM, UMTS or LTE mobile phone networks. GIGATRONIK engineers have already programmed special firmware for communication with the SIGFOX chip. "We have numerous points of contact with the internet of things and can develop complete solutions consisting of hardware, firmware, smartphone app and operation of the server backend", says Michael Sinnl from the Business Development department at GIGATRONIK in Graz.

This expertise should fuel the spread of SIGFOX in Germany and Austria. Portugal and France are constructing Sigfox networks at the moment, and comprehensive coverage is already available in the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain and Great Britain. SIGFOX wants to be present in a total of 60 countries in 2020 - not least with support from GIGATRONIK.

The SIGFOX network will be rolled out worldwide as part of the SIGFOX Network Operator™ partner programme. At the moment more than 1 million km² in Europe and the large cities of the world are served by the network by means of cooperation with local partners.

In Austria, SIGFOX cooperates with the network provider Österreichische Rundfunksender GmbH & Co. KG (ORS). Together with the subsidiary ORS comm, ORS operates an extensive network with over 400 transmitter locations for analogue and digital radio broadcasting. As part of a pilot project, some broadcasting sites in Vienna have been equipped with the necessary SIGFOX technical equipment in order to implement a test network for the internet of things on the basis of the SIGFOX wireless technology. The decision on a countrywide roll-out of the network on the part of ORS comm GmbH & Co. KG will follow in the coming months.

Florian Rubländer
Corporate Communications