GIGATRONIK joins the Eclipse Foundation and openMDM Working Group

GIGATRONIK has joined the Eclipse Foundation and is committed to working with Audi, BMW and Daimler in the newly founded Eclipse openMDM working group for the development of open-source tools in measurement-data management.

The validation of developments and tests is generating an ever-increasing quantity and variety of data in the automotive industry. This measurement data needs to be stored independently of manufacturer and together with the corresponding metadata for a simple data exchange to be possible within and outside of an organization and between different applications. The industry-wide recognized ASAM-ODS standard helps with this, and has already existed for many years. However, the proliferation of this standard has so far been hampered since the introduction of a specialist system based on the standard was associated with high costs. The openMDM measurement-data management system significantly lowers this hurdle.

Measurement-data management with openMDM reduces costs

OpenMDM is based on the ODS standard and supports the entire measurement process - from experimental design through implementation to evaluation. Whereas with pure ODS the data model had to be painstakingly adjusted by hand for each department, openMDM defines a universal, generic data model that is simply adapted to each department via a user-friendly administration interface. Furthermore, openMDM provides a building block for creating customized clients for end users without a great deal of programming effort, thereby saving time and costs. OpenMDM is available as open source and so far has been further developed by a loose-knit community of about 30 vehicle manufacturers, suppliers and service providers. This means that a large number of existing modules are available that are already being used in operational systems.

Developing software components together

The openMDM Working Group is creating a new organizational framework for the development and dissemination of the standard. The working group ensures that the various requirements of openMDM are better channeled, initiating, planning and jointly financing Eclipse open source projects for openMDM software components. In addition, procedures for the quality assurance and the configuration and version management of the openMDM software components are provided.

GIGATRONIK has already been working on the development of openMDM for Audi, BMW and Daimler for 7 years, and supports this ecosystem of free and innovative software development. Walter Gold, GIGATRONIK's Head of Hardware and Software, emphasizes the importance of a joint approach to the development of openMDM: "We see great potential in standardized data management. Joining forces in the Eclipse openMDM Working Group provides the ideal platform for making the most of this potential."

Current projects and members of the openMDM Working Group

Commissioned by Daimler AG, last year GIGATRONIK started working on further developing openMDM 4 to version 5.0, which, in addition to architectural improvements and technological upgrades, also includes web compatibility. Based on the new openMDM 5 architecture, the working group is putting a joint effort into further developing the openMDM core system and the software components for the web front ends and rich clients.

The so-called "Driver Members" of the working group are AUDI AG, the BMW Group and Daimler AG. They consider openMDM to be a strategic platform for the implementation of applications in the field of test- and measurement-data management. Apart from GIGATRONIK, the other founding members include the software company Canoo Engineering AG, HighQSoft GmbH, science + computing ag and Peak Solution GmbH. The Eclipse openMDM Working Group is open to including further vehicle manufacturers, suppliers and service providers. Worldwide renowned companies in the industry have already expressed an interest in becoming a member.

GIGATRONIK met the requirement for getting involved in the openMDM Working Group by joining the Eclipse Foundation, an open-source community established in 2004 that is the umbrella organization of the working group. "We are pleased to welcome GIGATRONIK to the Eclipse Foundation. Their experience developing standards for the automotive industry and working as a development partner in the automotive and IT sector will be a great addition to the openMDM workinggroup," said Mike Milinkovich, Executive Director of the Eclipse Foundation.

Florian Rubländer
Corporate Communications