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In 445 days, from the first cut of the spade to the finished Innovation and Development Centre Gaimersheim

On 20 May the two companies GIGATRONIK and Elektronische Fahrwerksysteme GmbH (EFS), together with about 180 guests, celebrated the opening of the “Innovation and Development Centre Gaimersheim” - abbreviated as IEZ. At the ceremonious opening, the customers, business partners and high-ranking representatives of regional politics received an insight into the work of companies, both of which will develop the electronics and IT for the cars of the future at this site. Since February, GIGATRONIK and EFS have been sharing the newly built building with around 450 workplaces.

Claus Blattner (EFS), Andrea Mickel (Bürgermeisterin Gaimersheim), Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Hackenberg (Mitglied des Vorstands der AUDI AG Technische Entwicklung), Josef Freistetter (GIGATRONIK-Gruppe), Dr.-Ing. Edwin Tscheschlok (GIGATRONIK-Gruppe)

It just took 445 days from the first cut of the spade for both GIGATRONIK and EFS, a joint subsidiary of GIGATRONIK and Audi Electronics Venture GmbH to move in. “A sensational construction time” said Dr. Ing. (engineer) Edwin Tscheschlok, Management Chairman of the GIGATRONIK-Group during the guest reception. With the Innovation and Development Centre, the expertise of GIGATRONIK and EFS is to be bundled together at one development location with the intention of effectively advancing innovation for the automotive industry.

Research and development will be done on electronics and IT at the IEZ, for example in the areas of driver assistance, chassis and Car-to-X. At the IEZ, EFS is developing on behalf of Audi concepts and technology in chassis design, chassis performance and chassis dynamics. GIGATRONIK is focusing on the areas of IT-Solutions and Embedded Solutions for both the automotive industry and other industrial sectors.

On a total of 14 stands on numerous floors of the 7-storey building, both companies presented their current projects - from the development of Bluetooth compatible control devices to Big Data in vehicle fleets and through to environmental detection, sensory technology and autonomous driving. For this, the IEZ offers optimal working conditions on an area of over 9 000m², for example a secure prototype workshop with about 1 500 m². In the development of new automotive technologies, there is close cooperation with Audi, one of the pioneers of piloted driving.

The good cooperation and partnership on behalf of the involved companies GIGATRONIK, EFS and Audi was also particularly emphasised by Prof. Dr. Ing. Ulrich Hackenberg, who also came to the opening and who, after his speech, impressively presented the autonomously driving proof: the RS 7 piloted driving concept, which, without a driver, drove out of the parking deck and into the seated hall in the second floor. Prof. Hackenberg also directed praise towards the equally present Mayor of Gaimersheim, Andrea Mickel, regarding the positive development of Gaimersheim as a business location, and he even made an analogy to the high technology cluster in Silicon Valley.

Ms Mickel was pleased about the willingness of GIGATRONIK and EFS to bind themselves to Gaimersheim in the long term through their newly built company headquarters. As thanks she presented the Directors with beer steins displaying the Gaimersheim Arms, in order to drink to the good health of the companies. “You have set an example with this building” Andrea Mickel said to Dr. Ing. Edwin Tscheschlok, Josef Freistetter and Claus Blattner.

Kristin Roth
Corporate Communications