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Customer-specific Internet of Things solutions for Industry 4.0

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More efficiency in production, better services, new business models – these are what the Internet of Things (IoT) make possible. But many companies still lack the imagination as to how to make profitable use of data from digitally connected machines, systems and goods. Customer-specific IoT solutions such as those offered by AKKA Digital (formerly GIGATRONIK) in cooperation with TELEKOM Deutschland GmbH are the key to success.

Digitised machines, products and processes deliver enormous quantities of data. The real art is in cleanly collecting the relevant information, filtering it specifically and identifying the economic potential behind it. This is a skill which the specialists at AKKA Digital possess. With interdisciplinary knowledge from IT and electronics, they analyse operational processes in companies, identify the technological need and highlight how future-proof concepts up to and including new business areas can be realised with the help of individual Industry 4.0 solutions. Telekom takes on the role of carrier, transporting digital data and hosting the "Cloud of Things" platform. Telekom also hosts, manages and optimises the traffic and the management of devices and sensor data using their two IoT platforms, "M2M Service Portal" and "Cloud of Things". AKKA Digital integrates the software applications and hardware components into a smoothly functioning overall solution. More information on the potential of customer-specific IoT solutions can be read in the following interview.


  1. Increase quality, improve processes and save costs with smart products
  2. Central IT platform for smart product data brings greater agility and less complexity
  3. Total package with personalised hardware and software concept meets customer-specific requirements

”Using IoT for more business intelligence”

A short interview with André Opitz, Senior Account Manager of IT Solutions at AKKA Digital in Stuttgart

André Opitz
Senior Account Manager IT Solutions
AKKA Digital Stuttgart 

The Internet of Things is still a vision of the future for many companies. What should they already be gearing themselves towards today?

The Internet of Things will fundamentally change production processes and rapidly increase the tempo at which new products and services reach the market. Assets, such as machines, devices and products which are intelligently connected with one another, deliver findings to companies which enable them to quickly identify and implement new business opportunities and thus become a driver of innovation in their industry. The automotive industry is one of the pioneers of digital transformation but the Internet of Things will influence virtually every industry. The sooner companies seize the opportunities that arise the better.

Do you have an example of this?

Let's take a manufacturer of fridges or dishwashers which further develops these into smart products and integrates them into an IoT solution. The manufacturer thus receives the real user data and can optimise their household appliances in the next stage of development. Or they can react to typical user behaviour or to frequently asked questions in after-sales service by using modified device characteristics and functionality. This then increases customer satisfaction and loyalty.

More financial success with digitisation. How exactly does this work?

Companies require a uniform IT platform via which all processes are connected with one another, orchestrated and dynamically adjusted across the company throughout the complete life cycle of a product. This reduces complexity, increases agility and, in many areas, provides tangible benefits. An initial cooperation project is realising an IoT solution for a producer of commercial dishwashers. The hygiene protocols and fault memory of the devices have until now been retrieved by USB. In future, the data will transferred directly from the dishwasher to the internet and processed there. Manufacturers, retailers and customers are then provided with the machine's values in a clear format as well as extensive reports and evaluation options. There are also plans for access via an app.

»The Internet of Things will fundamentally change production processes and rapidly increase the tempo at which new products and services reach the market.«

André Opitz

The example is representative of company and machine processes. If these are centralised, automated and rationalised, they are significantly more efficient. Other functions of an IoT solution, such as monitoring, alarms, firmware update or remote configuration, help to reduce maintenance and personnel costs, and to avoid unnecessary material costs and expensive machine outages. In a nutshell, this means that data which is bundled and analysed in the Cloud of Things leads to greater business intelligence.

How do your customers benefit from the cooperation between AKKA Digital and Telekom?

The core products for individual IoT solutions in the field of business are the Telekom platforms "M2M Service Portal", with which the complete data traffic is managed, and the "Cloud of Things", via which the connected devices like gateways and SPS modules are managed. For the global transportation of data, the 3G network or the innovative new radio network Narrow Band Internet of Things (NB IoT) from Telekom can be used. We create a customer-specific total package from these building blocks. Not only do we provide advice, we also design and deliver the required hardware and software. This includes customer or retailer applications as well as sensors and interfaces in order to receive the relevant data from the machines. Together with Telekom, we cover the entire process from consultancy and needs analysis to the technical requirements and implementation. The results are seamlessly functioning IoT solutions which take into account a high degree of individual company requirements.