New development of an e-bike system

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Linking two worlds: new development of an e-bike system for an automotive corporation


Automotive manufacturers are pushing into the e-bike market. Thanks to years of experience in both worlds, AKKA Digital, formerly GIGATRONIK, could successfully support Volkswagen in the new development of an e-bike system. As part of the project, AKKA Digital developed two HMIs with an intuitive operating concept. Via operating elements located on the handle bars, the functions of the e-bike (e.g. diagnosis gateway, connection to the smartphone, navigation, coach function, profile management) can be comfortably controlled by the rider. AKKA Digital was also involved in an advisory capacity regarding strategic design decisions. Additionally, AKKA DIgital took over the conception and documentation of the complete E/E architecture as well as the technical coordination of the project.

Project Content

  • Development and documentation of the complete E/E architecture
  • Compilation of a diagnosis concept
  • Requirements management and system engineering for HMI
  • Supplier screening and coordination
  • Development of demonstrators for different display variations

Project Steps

Supervision of the project in three phases: proof of concept, concept phase, implementation

Compilation of the specialist and technical requirements for the complete system (Polarion)

Software and hardware development HMI (C, STM micro-controller)


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