CAN distributor 8+

Extension of interfaces for the CAN bus for usage in vehicles and in the laboratory

Today, modern vehicles contain a large number of electronic modules. Many of these modules are interconnected via a CAN bus system. Thanks to the flexible CAN distributor 8+ by AKKA further components such as electronic control units or measurement equipment can be easily integrated into the existing network. It is possible to expand a network at any time using the CAN distributor 8+.


Fields of application

  • Vehicle
  • Laboratory applications
  • Prototype construction
  • Creation of custom bus systems


Technical data:

  • 4x female D-SUB9 connection
  • 4x male D-SUB9 connection
  • 1x CAN-HIGH voltage tap
  • 1x CAN-LOW voltage tap
  • Ground connection
  • Dimensions: 76 mm x 45 mm x 43 mm

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