GIGABOX flex-i – FlexRay USB Interface

The compact FlexRay interface

GIGABOX flex-i is a compact hardware interface designed specifically for use in FlexRay communication setups. It is used to develop and process the information that flows in FlexRay networks and reprogram the flash memory of controller devices.

The interface includes twin FlexRay communication controllers. It is suitable for integration in an existing cluster, while both controllers can also be configured as cold starters to allow completely autonomous communication via the FlexRay bus. 

The FlexRay USB interface by AKKA Digital, formerly GIGATRONIK, can be integrated in client applications via our included API.


  • Compact dimensions (85 x 60 x 25 mm)
  • USB-powered hardware interface
  • USB 2.0 interface (highspeed, 480 MBit/s)
  • 2 FlexRay communication controllers
    • E-Ray core
    • Functions as cold-start helper
  • 1 FlexRay (A/B channel) for external connection
  • D-Sub9 connector compatible for standard cable types and terminations
  • 16 Mbyte SDRAM internal memory
  • Galvanic isolation

Application area

GIGABOX flex-i can be employed as a compact FlexRay interface for test systems. It offers an economical hardware interface for flash / diagnostic tools with full integration in RAC DiagRA and is suitable for start-up use in a FlexRay cluster. Our open API allows easy integration with the client’s proprietary software.

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