GIGABOX gate Gateway

The one-stop connectivity solution

GIGABOX gate Gateway is the bridge that connects conventional vehicle bus systems and mobile devices. We offer app solutions designed to the customer’s specifications and support a wide spectrum of wireless protocols and operating systems.

As a development platform, GIGABOX gate Gateway provides versatile functionality. The controller comes with a comprehensive basic software suite and an API to produce application modules to match the user’s unique needs.

GIGABOX gate Gateway includes a basic module with a selection of switches and communication interfaces. The modular layout allows customer-specific expansions to the Gateway, such as Bluetooth low energy (BLE), Bluetooth 2.1, ANT, or WLAN interfaces.


  • Apps2Automotive
  • Customer-specific app solutions
  • Connecting with Android and iOS devices
  • Wake on CAN, LIN, BLE, or contact 15
  • 512 kbit EEPROM
  • Temperature sensor with 12 bit resolution
  • Parameter setting via CAN
  • Script version available
  • Flashing via serial port
  • Load-dump protection
  • Modular design for quick expansion
  • Suitable for passenger and commercial vehicles
  • Fast boot

Application area

  • Bidirectional communication between different bus systems, e.g. from CAN to BLE or LIN
  • Vehicle diagnostics via smartphone application (BLE)
  • Simulating unconnected LIN slaves or CAN controllers
  • Managing the gateway I/O ports in response to CAN signals

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