The GT-FIBEX Editor for FlexRay offers fast and simple access to FIBEX files. The information contained in these files can be visualized in a range of clearly structured viewing options. Files can be created, modified, or deleted.

The integrated import functionality allows access to existing FIBEX files for changing or adding data, such as developer notes. Files can be exported in FIBEX V2.0.1 or V3.0 format, which makes the Editor a user-friendly tool for converting existing files into FIBEX V3.0 format.

The GT-FIBEX Editor simplifies the entry of network parameters with multiple functions; each parameter is presented with the valid range; selected values can be calculated automatically, and all entered parameters are checked for their coherence with the established FlexRay constraints. Any invalid entries are flagged accordingly. The editor includes a visual presentation of both the configured cycle with its individual segments and the arrangement of static slots.

An additional schedule view option offers a comfortable means of producing the communication matrix for each channel. The matrix can be adjusted to the window with a click of the mouse to present a concise overview of communication processes. Frames can be added and moved in the schedule by simple drag & drop. A base cycle is generated to match the chosen cycle repetition. Cycle multiplexing can be adjusted at any point via the context menu; any potential clashes are immediately flagged for the user. The layout of the frames is represented visually in the editor. PDUs and their signals can be added and moved by drag & drop.


  • Fast and simple access to FIBEX files
  • Import FIBEX files for simple modification and expansion ?(Import: FIBEX V2.x / FIBEX+ / FIBEX V3.0)
  • Convert existing files in FIBEX V3.0 format with the export function ?(Export: FIBEX V2.0.1 / FIBEX V3.0)
  • Schedule view for a streamlined presentation of the communication matrix for each channel

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