The powerAIDER is the quick and simple solution for supplying automotive monitoring systems with secure power.

A reliable supply of power for all installed measuring and monitoring devices is an indispensable element of all meaningful automotive trials. The requirements are as manifold and diverse as the measurements that are taken: In the continuous measurement during road trials, power is supplied by the on-board power systems, contrasting with stand-by trials in which the measuring system needs to source its power from outside the in-car supplies.

In the latter case, the measuring devices are supplied by buffer batteries or dedicated metrology batteries that are recharged automatically during normal driving. The in-car power system must not be drained or overloaded to ensure the safe operation of the vehicle. At the same time, all power supplies need to be simple and quick to install in the vehicle.


  • Automatic cutting-off of power supply from the on-board power system during measurements.
  • Charging of the metrology battery up to 25 A with IUoU charging characteristics.
  • Freely programmable scripts for responding to CAN notifications.
  • Reading out of state parameters via Bluetooth and CAN.
  • Ampere-hour meter for the optional monitoring of power capacity.
  • Intelligent linking of multiple batteries.
  • Routing of data from vehicle CAN to measurement CAN.
  • Connector for 12V / 25A mains charger.

Technical data

  • Intake voltage range from 10.5 V to 32.0 V DC
  • Output voltage range from 0 V to 14.4 V (metrology battery)
  • 2 high-speed CAN interfaces
  • LIN interface
  • Discrete contact 61, remote access
  • Intake voltage limit adjustable up to 40 A
  • 3x 10 A switch outputs with individual shut-off priorities, short-circuit-proof
  • 4 switch outputs with max. 0.6 A per output
  • 1 continuous current output at 0.6 A
  • 1 NiCrNi temperature sensor for the metrology battery
  • 1 optional NiCrNi temperature sensor for additional applications
  • Sense lines for exact battery charge readings
  • Primary and secondary reverse polarity protectors
  • Electronic switch for cutting off intake power from the on-board system
  • 32-bit microcontroller, fully updateable
  • Weight: approx. 3 kg
  • Temperature range: -20°C to +85°C

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